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A simple setting change can make your stairs work out correctly in 3D.

When you have a set of stairs showing on two different floors and then view the plan in 3D you may end up with two sets of stairs instead of one. This is because the default setting for a stairway is to have the bottom of the stairs resting on the floor.

You can make your 3D correct by using any of these 3 methods, depending on your preference.

  1. Explode one set of stairs. The stairs will become lines and then only one set will show up in 3D. The disadvantage of this method is that you can no longer edit the stairs if you need to make any changes.
  2. Edit the stairway that is not in the correct location  and on the Common tab uncheck SoftView. The stairs will not move to the proper location but you will eliminate the double stairs in 3D.
  3. Edit the stairway that is not correct and change the Reference End from Bottom to Top.

Method 3 is my preferred method because I can still edit the stairs if need be and if I am looking at just one floor at a time the stairs are correct.

The Reference End setting tells SoftPlan where to place the stairs relative to the floor. So if Reference End is set to Bottom then the Bottom of the stairs is resting on the floor. If Reference End is set to Top then the Top of the stairs is at the floor level.

Since having two stairs in the same location causes a "ghosting" effect you might want to turn SoftView off for one of the stairs for a cleaner display.

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