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Let's assume you have a two-story floor plan created and you want to print out the Site Plan, Elevations, Roof, First Floor Plan, Second Floor Plan, First Floor Electrical, and Second Floor Electrical.

First create a new blank drawing file by selecting File ⇒ New ⇒ Drawing and then File ⇒ Save ⇒ Save As. I will give this new file the name 01-Site.

Next use this as a base for a Multi-Drawing by selecting File ⇒ Multi-Drawing ⇒ Multi-Drawing. You can also use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+G.

Check Enable and then in the list of Available Drawings select your Border and then Add. Select OK to exit out of the Multi-Drawing setup. As a side note in most Multi-Drawings I do not use the 'Position Drawing' Button. By simply selecting OK instead of Position Drawing all of the drawings will be in the same exact location. So in this case all of the Borders on each Multi-Drawing will be in the same exact location. Since I created my Borders to be centered exactly on their work areas they will be exactly centered in the Multi-Drawing.

So now you have a blank drawing file with a border. Next make 6 more copies of this file by selecting File ⇒ Save ⇒​ Save As, renaming each of them as you go. When complete you want to have 7 Multi-Drawings named like this:

Multi-Drawing Setup Names
02-Front Elevation
03-Other Elevations
04-First Floor Plan
05-Second Floor Plan
06-First Floor Electrical
07-Second Floor Electrical

By numbering the files you control in what order they will display when you access them. I could have omitted the preceding “0” but once you reach 10 plans in your set then the order gets messed up if you are using single digit numbers. So I typically use 2 digit numbers.

Now we have our 7 blank Multi-Drawings with borders.

Next I want to add the drawing files to the Multi-Drawings. Select each of the Multi-Drawings and add the appropriate files to them. For instance select 01-Site then File ⇒ Multi-Drawing ⇒ Multi-Drawing.

Drawing selection in Toolbar

Or, if you have the Mode Bar active you can click on 'Multi Dwg'. Add your Site Plan to the Multi-Drawing and then select OK.

Repeat this process for the other Multi-Drawings. Note that the First Floor Plan would be added to both 04-First Floor Plan and 06-First Floor Electrical. The same applies to the Second Floor Plan. You would add it to 05-Second Floor Plan and 07-Second Floor Electrical.

In most cases I prefer to add drawing files to the Multi-Drawing file and then use Move Block to position the drawing within the border. But there are exceptions. I use Position Drawing for the Other Elevations page. But that is just a matter of preference. To use Move Block on a drawing within a Multi-Drawing you need to first make sure that the drawing you want to move is the 'active' drawing. You can verify this by looking at the Mode bar. The Mode Bar will display the current active drawing. Use the Mode Bar to change to the appropriate drawing if necessary then use Move Block to position the drawing.

Next we will be adding additional information to the Multi-Drawing and changing Modes where necessary.

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