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SoftPlan's Room Mode allows you to add flooring, wallcovering, crown, base, etc. to a room and easily change these items. In many cases this is a one click process.

If you assign rooms using Room mode you also get a bonus. If you select Camera-->Go to Room and then select a room name you will be placed in the center of that room. You can then use the left and right keyboard arrows to rotate the camera and see all around the room.

Finished looking at that room? Select Camera-->Go to Room again and select another room. You are transported to the center of that room.

By defining your rooms in Room Mode and using Go to Room you can take your clients on a tour of the entire house without having to navigate your way around and trying to find a particular room.

While you have the Camera Tab selected try experimenting with the Look At Surface tool. It is right next to the Go to Room tool.

When using Look At Surface the camera will rotate to look at any surface you click. The Camera will also place the clicked point in the center of the screen. So you can navigate around an entire room or even the exterior of the house just by clicking on surfaces that you want the camera to face. With a little practice you can use Look At Surface to take you just about anywhere in or around your house including inside closets or even inside cabinets. Way cool!

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