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When importing Sketchup models into SoftPlan it is important to have the models oriented correctly.

Have you ever imported a model from Sketchup and you go to insert the symbol for the model into SoftPlan only to find that the symbol is backwards from what you would expect? For instance you downloaded a gas range from the 3D Warehouse and made it into a symbol in SoftPlan. You go to insert the symbol into your plan only to find that the insertion point is at the front of the range. Since symbols snap to walls it would be so much better if the insertion point were on the back side of the range.

Well the reason for this is that most people who create models in Sketchup build them with the "Front" facing toward the negative Y axis. This makes sense because if you were to click on the Front icon in Sketchup you would be facing in a positive Y orientation, thus observing the front of an object that was facing a negative Y orientation. If you click on the Right icon you would see the Right side of an object that is facing in a negative Y orientation. And so on for the Back and Left.

This is actually the opposite of what SoftPlan considers the 'Front' of a symbol. In SoftPlan the 'Front' of the symbol is the opposite side from the insertion point. In other words, SoftPlan symbols have a reverse orientation in comparison to Sketchup models.

The fix is very simple. Just rotate the model 180 degrees in Sketchup so that if you were to click the Front view you would see the rear of the model. Now when you create your SoftPlan symbol based on a Sketchup model the symbol will insert as you would expect it to.


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