Part 4 Using Your Model in SoftPlan

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Using Your Model in SoftPlan

Once you have created your Symbol it's time to insert the symbol and then edit the Materials.

With your floor plan open click on the Symbols button and browse to your new symbol. Place the symbol in the appropriate location on your plan.

Switch over to a 3D View and then click on the Edit ⇒ Edit Surface command. Click on any surface of your new Symbol to open up the Materials dialog box. Make sure your symbol name is selected and then enable Inherit for each of the Materials in your symbol. SoftPlan takes the settings that are defined for the Building and assigns them to the Symbol.

If for some reason your materials do not assign correctly browse up the inheritance chain and make sure that Inherit is checked for all levels between Building and your Symbol. If the materials still do not match then check your materials names you assigned in your Sketchup model for spelling errors, missing underscores, etc. The names must match exactly for this method to work properly.

The images below show the sequence of assigning Inheritance to your new Sketchup Symbol. Click on the first image to open a full size view and then click on the right side of each image to follow the sequence.

You are done! Once you have done this a few times it will become very simple and fast to bring your Sketchup models into SoftPlan and make them have the correct materials that match the rest of your SoftPlan project.

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