Part 3 Creating a Symbol in SoftPlan

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Creating a Symbol in SoftPlan

There are a number of ways to create symbols in SoftPlan but for this tutorial we will be using the Symbols Wizard. In SoftPlan select File ⇒ System Options ⇒ System Library. The Configure Library dialog opens up with a listing of all the symbols that are available. Select a Library where you want to store your new symbol. You can select an existing library or create a new one if you desire. Once you have selected a library the Wizard button will become available. Select the Wizard button.

  1. Enter a name for your new symbol such as Craftsman Column and click Next.
  2. When asked "Is the plan view symbol you want to add to the library on the screen?" select No and then Next.
  3. Select the Import 3D Symbol button.
  4. Browse to the Sketchup model you previously created.
  5. Select a Library where you want to store the symbol. You can optionally create a new library.
  6. Select Ok
  7. Your model appears on the screen showing 4 different views of it. Click Next.
  8. Verify that the model is oriented correctly and then click Next.
  9. In the Layers section you will see the names that you assigned to your materials in Sketchup. Click Next.
  10. You will see the size of your model. Click Next.
  11. You will see different settings for your symbol. Review and click Next.
  12. The Symbol Preview will be empty. Click Generate to create a 2D top view of your model. After the 2D is created click Next then Finish.

Your Symbol has been created in SoftPlan and it is linked to the Sketchup model. In Part 4 we will insert the symbol into SoftPlan and set the materials for your model to match the materials used in your SoftPlan project.

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