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SoftPlan has several options for displaying the Opening names. By directly editing the opening you can change the settings to display:

  • Opening Size
  • Rough Opening Size
  • Product Code
  • Opening ID

You can select which name or combination names you want to use.

There are also a number of options located within the Drawing Options that can alter the appearance of these names. These options can be found under File-->Drawing Options-->Drawing Options-->Dimension Options. The Opening Options are on the right side of the dialog. By manipulating these options you can modify how the names of openings are displayed in your drawings.

Options include:

  • Windows (Affects the display of the Opening Size and Rough Opening Size options for Windows)
    • feet & inches
    • inches
  • Doors (Affects the display of the Opening Size and Rough Opening Size options for Doors)
    • feet & inches
    • inches
  • Swing - The default door swing in degrees. This setting can be in the range of 0 to 179.99 degrees. This can be overridden on a per door basis after inserting the door into your drawing. If there are certain doors that you always want to be different than this default setting you can define the default swing for that particular door in the System Library.
  • Display
    • Product Code - This is the actual name of the opening symbol file. This can be changed by renaming the opening symbol file to whatever you like. This gives you the most control of how your opening names are displayed. For instance you can create a tempered glass window and name it something like 3050 TMPR. If you display the Product Codes in your drawing then you can easily distinguish between the standard 3050 window and the tempered glass version.
    • Rough Opening Size - Displays the rough opening of the opening. This can be automatically calculated based on your default settings or can be manually set for each opening.
    • Opening Size - The size of the opening. The format for Opening Size is affected by whether you have selected Feet & Inches or Inches in the Opening Options section of the Dimension Options.
    • Display Numbers Only - Affects how the Rough Opening Size and Opening Size are displayed. If not checked then Opening Size and Rough Opening Size will be displayed like 3'-0" x 5'-0" and R.O. 3'-0" x 5'-0". If checked then they will be displayed like 3050 and R.O. 3050.
    • Opening ID - Displays an Opening Id for the Openings. Doors display as Letters while Windows display as Numbers.
    • Unique Window Opening ID - If selected then each window will have a unique opening id. If unselected then each window of the same type will share the same Opening Id.
    • Unique Door Opening ID - If selected then each door will have a unique opening id. If unselected then each door of the same type will share the same Opening Id.
  • Frame Clearance - The distance between the opening frame and the wall rough framing. This affects the default Rough Opening sizes of openings. To override this for a particular opening you can manually define the rough opening size for that opening.
  • Opening Positions
    • Inside of Wall on Window - If selected then opening names will display on the inside of the wall rather than the outside.
    • Toward Swing on Door - If an opening name can fit within the opening on the screen then SoftPlan places the opening name in the center of the wall. If the opening name can not fit then this selection determines where the opening text will be placed. If selected then the opening name for a door will display on the door swing side of the wall. Note that the opening names for double doors always are not placed in the center of the wall even if the text will fit within the opening.
  • Opening Size Format - Determines what measurements you want to show when the 'Opening Size' display option is selected.
    • Door
      • Width
      • Width & Height
      • Height & Width
    • Window
      • Width & Height
      • Height & Width
  • Fractions - Display fractions or whole numbers only.

SoftPlan gives you many options that you can mix and match to set the type of opening name displayed. I prefer renaming all of my openings in the System Library and selecting Product Code as my default display option. This gives me the ability to control exactly what text is displayed.

Create a comment to discuss how you have your Opening Names configured and why do you prefer that configuration over others.

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