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Larry Maynard of Scenic Mountain Construction, Inc. writes:

How do I face only a portion of a wall with 6" deep stone, like for a fireplace facing?

This requires that you define a custom wall with stone on the interior of the wall. I'll go through the steps for creating a custom wall.

  1. Edit any existing wall in your plan and select Definition, down at the bottom left of the edit box.
  2. Scroll down through the list of walls and select the one just above where you want to insert your new wall and select Save As. Give the new wall a name, such as Fireplace Wall.
  3. Delete and add materials until you get the basic wall materials composition. Basically you want to at least have Studs, Plates, and any Exterior and Interior sheathing or drywall.
  4. Adjust the Horizontal Start for each material starting with the exterior material and working your way inward. The Horizontal Start defines where the material starts, measured from the exterior of the wall. So if your wall has 5/8" Drywall then Plates and Studs the Drywall would have a Horizontal Start of 0" and the Plates and Studs would have a Horizontal Start of 5/8".
  5. Once you have your basic wall defined the last material would be the Stone. Since you are wanting 6" of stone select Add Material and then edit the material to Stone with a width of 6" and a Horizontal Start equal to the total width of all of the other materials. This places the Stone on the inside of the wall.
  6. Once you have your wall defined select OK.

Cut a hole in your existing wall using Block Cut or Break and adjust the walls to make a space for the new Fireplace Wall. Draw in your new Fireplace Wall and make any necessary adjustments to make it the correct size. I will typically edit the wall and set the Wall Joins for both ends to 0". This prevents the Stone from extending out past the ends of the wall if you are at a corner or Tee.

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For additional information about working with walls go to the Tutorials section and then select Walls from the Tutorial Topics on the right side.

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