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Here are some handy mouse tricks you can use in SoftPlan to make things faster and easier.

2D window

  • Double Left Click an object to select it and open the Edit dialog for editing.
  • Shift+Left Click brings up the Measure Distance tool. The point you click will be the start point. As you move your mouse around the Status Bar displays the distance and angle you have moved the mouse from the start point.
  • Ctrl+Left Click an Object allows you to select or deselect multiple objects. This is really handy if you want to select multiple items to copy or move. In some cases this can be a little tricky. If two objects are next to each other clicking between then will toggle the selection for both objects at the same time. Once you have made your selections right click for a short list of options you can perform on the selected items. Right clicking an object will give a few more options.
  • Ctrl+Left Click on an empty space allows you to draw a box to select or deselect multiple objects.
  • Ctrl+Right Click to insert a Construction Point.
  • Right Click on an empty space to bring up a quick list of actions you can perform such as Move, Erase, etc. The list varies depending on what mode you are in. Note that if you are on a Plan Set page an "empty" space is someplace outside the bounds of any inserted drawings. If you already have an item or items selected then you will also be presented with a list of all those items which you can then perform some function on. You can also remove items from the selection.
  • Right Click an object to see information about what that object is as well as commands you can perform on it. For example if you want to center an opening simply right click it and select Center. If you have multiple objects in the same location and you are having a hard time selecting the right one then Right Click the object and then you can select the one you want from the list.
  • Double Right Click to bring up the Floating Tool Bar. You can customize the Floating Tool Bar for each mode.
  • Roll the mouse wheel forward and back to zoom in and out.
  • Click and Hold the mouse wheel to pan around the drawing.

3D Window

  • Right Click an object and release to see information about what that object is as well as a list of commands you can select to perform on that object.
  • Right Click and Hold to pan the 3D space. This is really handy if you want to pan an Elevation without having the model rotate.
  • Middle Click a point on the 3D model to center that point on the screen.
  • Middle Click and Hold on a point on the 3D model to center that point and if you continue to hold and move the mouse around the model rotates around that point.
  • Roll the mouse wheel to zoom in or out on the model.
  • Shift+Roll moves the model up or down on the screen.
  • Ctrl+Roll tilts the camera up or down.

What are your favorite mouse tricks? Do you have others that are not listed here? Please leave your comments below.

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