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To finish up our Multi-Drawing sets we need to add plan information. Select the 01-Site Multi-Drawing. Use the Mode Bar to verify that 01-Site is the Active drawing. Add any pertinent information such as Drawing Name, Scale, Page Number, etc. By adding this information here we can use the Multi-Drawing over and over again in other projects and all of the information you just entered will already be present.

Remember that we added the First Floor Plan to both the 04-First Floor Plan and 06-First Floor Electrical Multi-Drawings. Open the 04-First Floor Plan Multi-Drawing and make the First Floor Plan Active. Verify that it is set to Drawing Mode. Make 04-First Floor Plan active and save.

Next open the 06-First Floor Electrical Multi-Drawing. Make the First Floor Plan active and set the mode to Electrical Mode. You should see your electrical plan. Make 06-First Floor Electrical active again and save.

Repeat this process for the Second Floor.

After all of your Multi-Drawings are all set up and ready to print the next step is to set up Batch Printing.

But first I want to go back to what I said earlier about being able to reuse these Multi-Drawings in other projects. This Particular Multi-Drawing set is for a 2 Story home. You can create Multi-Drawing sets for other configurations as well such as One Story, One Story with Basement, Two Story with Basement, etc. If you then copy the appropriate Multi-Drawing set to another project and then open the Multi-Drawings you will find that instead of seeing the plans and drawings from the original project you now will see the plans and drawings from the current project. Of course this requires that you have a standardized naming system for your drawings. If you set up your Multi-Drawing in a project where the First Floor Plan was named First Floor and then you copy the Multi-Drawings to a project where the First Floor is named Lower Floor the Multi-Drawing will not be able to link to the file.

As a bonus, because we added the Plan Name, Scale, Page Number, etc. to the base of the Multi-Drawing all of that information is still there when you use the Multi-Drawing for another project. Just change any information as necessary to match that project.

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