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Sometimes you want to draw multiple items on an angle. By using Cursor Options you can make this task easier.

Let's suppose you have a portion of a house that is angled at 22.5 degrees relative to the rest of the house. There are a variety of ways you could do this. You could draw the walls close to the correct angle and then edit them and set the correct angle. You could draw shapes at the correct angles and then use Convert Shape to Wall. You could use Rotate Block in combination with Offset, Copy, and Adjust.

But I'm going to show a simpler way by using Cursor Options and Pick Cursor Axis.

These settings can be found under the Options Tab. Select Options-->Cursor Options-->Cursor Options. Enter the angle you want to use to draw your items and then place a check next to Use Alternate Angle. The Cursor rotates to that angle and anything you draw will be drawn at that angle.

When you want to go back to the normal cursor angle simply select Options-->Cursor Options-->Cursor Options and uncheck Alternate Angle.

Another method is to set this Alternate Angle by selecting an object that is already in your drawing. Select Options-->Cursor Options-->Pick Cursor Axis. Click on an object that you want to match its angle. The Cursor changes to that angle. To change back to the normal cursor angle repeat this process or in Cursor Options uncheck Use Alternate Angle.

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