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Building Options and Layers are on some levels very similar and on other levels completely different. Understanding their differences is part of the key to deciding which one to use in a particular situation.

In the following pages I will discuss Building Options and Layers; their similarities, their differences, and how to choose which one or which combination of both to use in a given situation.

This tutorial is based on the features present in version 2014 but most of the concepts discussed relate to previous versions as well.

I won't get into a complete demonstration of using Building Options or Layers. There are some good tutorials in the SoftPlan User Manual that will give you the basics. Rather, I will be discussing some more in-depth subjects surrounding the use of these two very powerful tools.

Use the links below and on the right of each page to navigate through this discussion. Please feel free to add your own comments and questions. I would particularly like to hear your comments and suggestions regarding the Future Enhancements sections.



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