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System Options

If you would like to set up default Building Options that will already be configured each time you start a new Project then the place to do that is at File ⇒ System Options ⇒ Building Options.

Drawing Options

If you would like to set up Building Options for an already existing Project then you do that from the Model tab ⇒ Building Options.

Turning Building Options on or off

You can turn Building Options on or off from 2 different places within a project.

1) Building Options/Layer Bar

At the top of the screen, unless you have moved it around or turned it off, you should find the Building Options/Layer Bar.

If the Building Options/Layer Bar is not visible it can be turned on again from the Window tab.


2) Model tab ⇒ Building Options

See the image in the Drawing Options section above.

You set up your Building Options in the current Project by selecting Model tab ⇒ Building Options.

When accessing the Building Options with this method you are able to rename any of the Building Options names. You can also set any of the check boxes such as Visible, Lock, Face, etc. from this window. You can not, however, set the Active Building Option from this window.

Reset Visibilities

The window accessed with Model tab ⇒ Building Options also contains a button labeled Reset Visibilities. The Reset Visibilities button turns all Building Options off except for Default.

Turning a Building Option on or off is a matter of simply placing or removing a check next to the Building Options name.

Building Options/Layer Bar

If you have the Building Options/Layer Bar visible then the currently active Building Option will show up as the name on the bar. For instance, if you have a Building Option named Roof and it is currently the Active Building Option then the bar would look like this.

Setting the Active Building Option

The Active Building Option is the one that is automatically assigned to an object when you draw it. Normally this would be the first Building Option, which is named Default. Everything in your project that is to always remain the same should be set to the Default Building Option.

You set the Active Building Option by clicking on the left side of the Building Options/Layer bar and then clicking on the Building Option you wish to be active. The Active Building Option will be highlighted in yellow. You must also make sure that this Building Option is turned on. SoftPlan won't allow you to draw on a Building Option that is turned off. If you try to close the Building Options dialog after making an invisible Building Option the Active Building Option then you will get an error message.

Assigning a Building Option to an Object

Assigning a Building Option is pretty straightforward. Edit the object, select the Common tab, click on the Building Option button and select the Building Option you wish to assign to the object. You can then use Repeat Edit, Repeat Edit (Box), or Repeat Edit (Poly) to assign the Building Option to other objects without having to edit each one.


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