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Building Option Names are defined by selecting Model ⇒ Building Options and then clicking on a cell in the Name column. Carefully plan your names and order of names prior to setting up your Building Options. Names can not be rearranged and rows can not be deleted or added. So taking the time to plan your Building Options in the beginning will make things go much smoother. I use a Spreadsheet to work out my names and order of names prior to setting up Building Options. This allows me to easily move names around and insert or delete names. Then after I am satisfied with the names and order I replicate the names in the Building Options.


This controls the visibility of items in your drawing. If you place a check in the visibility column for a Building Option then any items in the Project that are assigned that Building Option will be visible. If it is unchecked then they will be hidden.


Lock prevents items that belong to a Building Option from being edited. If a Building Option is locked then anything assigned that Building Option cannot be edited, moved, deleted, etc. as long as the Lock is in place.


Fade makes all items that belong to the Faded Building Option display as a muted color. This can be useful for such things as furniture. You can create a Building Option named Furniture and assign this Building Option to all the furniture in the plan. If you set Furniture to Fade then you can still see the furniture but it will be a faded color.

Use Item(s) Color

If Use Item(s) Color is selected then any item assigned that Building Option will display in its normal color. If it is unchecked then the items will be the color defined in the Fill column.


Click on the color box to open a dialog where you can select a color that will be used when Use Item(s) Color is not checked.

Number of Items

This column lists how many items in the current drawing are assigned to each Building Option.



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