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All that is left to do is to set up a Batch Print to print out all of your plans.

Select File ⇒ Print ⇒ Batch Print.

Because of the way we named the Multi-Drawings they should be at the top of the list and in the proper order. Click on the 01-Site plan and select Add. The plan is added to the current batch and the next file is highlighted. Continue to click Add until all of the numbered Multi-Drawings have been added to the Current Batch.

Select Print. This takes you to the Printer page were you set up the printer to use, paper size, etc. Once you have your printer configured select Print. SoftPlan will print out all of your plans for you in the order they were selected.

The next time you want to print out a new set of plans simply go to Batch Print and run off a new set. SoftPlan will have remembered your settings from before.

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