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Openings in SoftPlan are built up from a series of items.

The basic components of an Opening include:

  • Opening Shape: Defines the appearance of the opening.
  • Elevation Opening: This is basically a symbol created from an Opening Shape.
  • Opening: The actual Opening such as a door or window. This is a type of symbol that links to an Elevation Opening.

The basic steps for creating an opening are:

  1. Create an Opening Shape
  2. Create an Elevation Opening using the Opening Shape
  3. Create an Opening using the Elevation Opening

If you already have an appropriate Elevation Opening then you don't need to create another one. Elevation Openings can be used over and over again an unlimited number of times.

If you already have a similar Opening then no need to go through the entire process to make a similar opening of a different size. Variations of an existing Opening can be created directly by editing an existing Opening and then selecting Add Product Code at the bottom left of the edit dialog box.

This series will discuss each component of an opening and how they all relate. Additionally I will be discussing the various settings that control the size, location, and display of Openings.

So let's get started with Part 1:Opening Shapes

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