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I discovered a problem with the SoftPlan 2014+ Cloud and the problem was confirmed by SoftPlan Tech Support. At the time they didn't have a solution but I came up with one. Since this is a cloud issue this only affects 2014+, not 2014 or other versions.

The problem arises when you make a copy of a Project. Say for instance you have a plan that you use over and over. Typically you would make a copy of the entire Project and rename both the folder and the Project file of the copy to reflect the new Project name. For instance you might rename the folder and Project file to match the name of the customer who will be buying the house.

What appears to be happening, and this was confirmed by Tech and they were not aware of it before, is that the cloud looks at an internal name or number within the Project file rather than the name of the Project file or folder. So even though you may have renamed the Project file the cloud thinks both the original Project and the copy are one in the same because they both have the same internal identification. If you send one version to the cloud both versions get a green dot as if you had uploaded both Projects. If you were to open one version and make a change and upload it to the cloud then open the other version and download from from the cloud, thinking that you are updating the currently open Project, you are actually downloading the files from the previous version which you had uploaded. Not a good thing because even though they are two separate Projects SoftPlan+ cloud is treating them as one and you could overwrite files or lose changes.

My solution, until when or if this is corrected, is to Save a Revision of the Project instead of making a copy of the Project. This is done by opening the Project and selecting File⇒Save⇒Save Project Revision. This saves an exact copy of the Project inside of a folder named REVISIONS within the current Project. You can then move the folder from within the REVISIONS folder to a new location and rename the folder and the Project file to the desired new name and the Cloud recognizes this as a new Project rather than as the same Project.

This solution is only necessary if you are making copies of existing projects and uploading your Projects to the cloud. If you are not uploading to the cloud then making a copy of the Project works fine.

I have also created a short video Save Project Revision showing the method described above.

Bill is the owner and maintainer of SoftPlanTuts.com

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