Browsing the Symbols Library

There are two ways to browse the Symbols Library.

Symbol Type:
  • Any: All Symbols are displayed regardless or whether they are 2D or 3D Symbols
  • 2D: Only 2D Symbols will be displayed
  • 3D: Only 3D Symbols will be displayed

The difference between a 2D Symbol and a 3D Symbol is that a 3D Symbol also has an associated 3D Model that will allow the Symbol to be shown in SoftView.

When using the Symbols Type display the Symbols are grouped by Category and Sub-Category. Clicking on the Category name switches to the Categories view.


The Categories are based on the same system used in SoftPlan. There are Categories for Symbols, Electrical Symbols, Paint Patterns, etc. Within each main Category are numerous Sub-Categories. The category filter allows you to narrow down the display to a particular Symbol type.

Only Categories that are actually in use are visible in the Categories selector.