Add a Symbol to the Symbol Library

Adding Symbols to the Symbols Library is pretty straight-forward. In order to add a Symbol you must first be registered on SoftPlanTuts and you must be logged in to your account.

From the Symbols Library page select New Symbol. An entry form will open and you fill in all of the fields. There are helpful instructions supplied for each field as you step through the process:

  • Symbol Name - Enter a name for the Symbol such as Basin Oval
  • Description - Enter a general description of the symbol.
  • Created In Version - Indicate the version of SoftPlan that was used to create the Symbol. If you don't know then select the version of SoftPlan that you use the symbol in. This is important because symbols are not backward compatible with earlier versions of SoftPlan.
  • Select a Category and Group (AKA Sub-Category) for the Symbol. This organizes the Symbols to make them easy to find. Be sure to select the Add button after defining the Category. Symbols can belong to more that one Category if you wish.
  • Select whether this is a 2D or 3D Symbol. Your selection here will determine the fields available. If 3D is selected an additional upload field will appear.
  • 2D Symbol File - Select the 2D Symbol to upload to the Library. Allowed file types are *.spy
  • 3D Model - If you selected 3D as the type you will have a field to use for uploading the associated 3D Model. Allowed file types are *.zip *.3sp *.dae *.dxf *.dwg *.3ds *.skp *.kmz *.pov
  • Image of Symbol - Upload an image of what the symbol looks like. Images should be large enough to easily see what the symbol looks like. The image will be automatically scaled to a consistent size for the listing but can be expanded to full size by clicking on the image in the Library.
    • For 2D Symbols use an image of the symbol as it shows in a drawing.
    • For 3D Symbols use an image of the symbol as it shows in SoftView.
  • After filling in all of the fields select the SAVE button to add the symbol to the Symbols Library