Symbols Library Help

This section discusses Symbols and the Symbols Library.

Symbols are predrawn entities that can be inserted into your drawings and used over and over again. Symbols can be 2D or they can also have an associated 3D Model that will show up in 3D views.

2D Symbols consist of Shapes such as lines, arcs, circles, notes, etc. This type of symbol will only show on the drawing.

3D Symbols consist of a 2D Symbol which is linked to a 3D model.

The Symbols Library can contain any of the following basic Categories of Symbols:

  • Symbols
  • Cabinet Face Configurations
  • Cabinet Face Styles
  • Cabinets
  • Electrical
  • Elevation Openings
  • Lathe
  • Opening Treatment
  • Opening Trim
  • Openings
  • Paint
  • Post
  • Profiles
  • Railing Definitions
  • Roof Profiles
  • Rooms
  • Speed Notes

Within each Category there can be numerous Sub-Categories. This Category system mimics SoftPlan's system and allows you to quickly browse the Symbols Library for any type of Symbol contained within the Library.