Add an Image to the Image Gallery

Adding images to the Image Gallery is pretty straightforward. On the side of the page is an Add Image link. Click on the link and follow the instructions on the form. Note that you must be a registered user and logged in before you can add an image to the Gallery.

ADD A NEW FILE: Simply click in the box or click on the Browse button. Find the image on your computer and click on it. You can either select Upload to upload the image now or move on to the next field and the image will be automatically uploaded when you select Save.

IMAGE NAME: Give your image a name. This will be the name that is displayed as the title of the image.

DESCRIPTION: Give your image a description. You can tell about the project, special points of interest, describe how the image was created, or anything else you want to say about the image.

GALLERY: Select a Gallery from the drop-down list. If the Gallery you select has sub-categories you may select one of the sub-categories if they are appropriate. It is possible to add your image to more than one Gallery if you feel it fits more than one category. After making your selection please remember to select "Add" to add the selection to the list below the drop-down list.

SOFTWARE USED: This works exactly the same way as the Gallery selection above but with one addition. If the Software you want to assign to the image does not exist in the list you can add it by selecting Create New. Type in the name and select Create. You can then select the name from the dropdown list and add it to the selected list.

After filling out the form be sure to select "Save".