Image Gallery Help

This section discusses the Image Gallery.

Images are displayed in the order they were uploaded, with the newest image shown first and the oldest image shown last.

Image: Clicking on the image opens the image up in a display window. Clicking on the left or right arrows below the image browses to another image if one exists in the current display. You can also browse through the images using the left or right keyboard keys. Clicking on The X at the bottom right, or anywhere on the screen other than on the image itself, will close the display.

In: The Gallery is classified into Categories. The Categories are basic descriptions of the type of image.

Comments: The number of comments that have been made about the image. To add a comment first select the Title of the image and then click the "add new comment" button. Note that you must be a registered user and logged in before you can leave a comment.

Software: A listing of all of the software used to create the image. For instance if an image was created in SoftPlan and then enhanced with Photoshop the Software should list SoftPlan and Photoshop in the Software category.

By: The user name of the person who uploaded the image. If you click their name here you will get a display of all images uploaded by that user.

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