My Account Was Deleted. What Happened?

All account registrations must be completed by verifying your email address. Once your email address is verified then you will have full access to the site. Account holders that do not complete the registration process by verifying their email address will automatically have their accounts purged by the system after 1 month.

From time to time people create accounts for no other purpose than to place SPAM messages either on the Forum or in Comments. Each new account is reviewed after it is created and information such as user names and email addresses are checked against various spammers lists to see if the person has a history of being reported as a spammer. If it is determined that this is the case the account is put on a watch list and their actions on the site are monitored closely. If it is determined that the account is used for the purpose of distributing spam the account and all comments created by that user are immediately terminated. If your account has been terminated and you feel that this was in error you may contact the site administrator for further review.