Can I receive an email when something is updated?

You can control what types of email updates you receive by setting Subscriptions.

Subscriptions can be defined using either of these methods:

  • Subscribe directly from content such as a Tutorial or a Forum post
  • Control Subscriptions from your Subscriptions tab within your Profile

To subscribe directly from content select the Subscriptions button which can be found at the bottom of most pages on the site. A subscription page will open that will allow you to select the type of subscription you wish to set up.

  • Subscribe To This Page: Receive notices when anything is updated on this page.
  • Subscribe to "content type" Content: Subscribe to additions or changes to all content of this type. For instance if you are viewing a Tutorial this option will allow you to receive a notice of new or changed Tutorials.
  • Subscribe content of this type created by the author of the current page.

To set subscriptions from within your profile.

  • Select your MY ACCOUNT at the top right of the screen.
  • You will see several Tabs across the top of your profile including View, Bookmarks, Edit, Subscriptions, and Track. Select the Subscriptions tab.
  • In the Subscriptions page you will have choices for Overview, Pages/Threads, Content Types.
    • Overview gives a quick overview of your current subscriptions.
      • Delivery of notifications: You can temporarily suspend notifications from being sent, e.g. during a vacation. They will be retained and sent after you reenable notifications.
      • Settings: Numerous settings. There are descriptions of what each setting does.
    • Pages/Threads lists the various pages or threads you are currently subscribed to.
    • Content Types allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe to any content of the selected type(s).